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Hackers Stole 4100 Bitcoins.

Discussion in 'News' started by David Smith, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. David Smith

    David Smith CARDER Member

  2. Patience

    Patience CARDER Member

    Wasn't me! I think it was an inside job. Depends on how many employees it had working.
  3. bdot

    bdot Member Member

    Now that's awesome l:79:
  4. hoshrom

    hoshrom Member Member

    thank you very much
  5. justadnan

    justadnan Member Member

    Thanks Proo
  6. xChange

    xChange Member Member

    Inside job for sure. Bitcoin is too easy to target.
  7. jackmcqueen774

    jackmcqueen774 HACKER Member

    Yep inside job. Luckly I didn't get caught up in it.
  8. iIIustrious

    iIIustrious Member Member

    holy fuck that's insane
  9. Hana

    Hana Member Member

    With this situation,many people will leave bitcoin and many country will banned bitcoin.And the result the price for bitcoin will drop.
  10. mainer

    mainer Member Member

    Most def a inside thang...
  11. DaRkCyBer

    DaRkCyBer CARDER Member

    wtf that is insane :66:
  12. d1k7a70r

    d1k7a70r HACKER Member

    Good work level insane a.k.a. Where is the bitcoin :84:
  13. NightDewiL

    NightDewiL Member Member

    thanks man... good shit....
  14. DaRkCyBer

    DaRkCyBer CARDER Member

    WTH its a lot of usd :smashing-computer:
  15. e2014

    e2014 Member Member

    real ting :smoke:
  16. dloxvic666

    dloxvic666 Member Member

    wow that is nice
  17. rafouse

    rafouse HACKER Member

    awesome :eek: i am chockedd :eek:

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