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HQ Installs/Loads/Update of Server + Crypting Service

Discussion in 'I Sell As (Non Verified)' started by XTime, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. XTime

    XTime HACKER Member

    Hello everyone ,
    I am selling High Quality Slaves for your Botnet or RAT .

    Targetted Installs Available, (example : if you need only US slaves , i can send you )

    Note: Your Server should be FUD or i can FUD it with little Crypting charge! (You pay for execution , not for the no. you receive)

    Vouch Service will be given to All Moderators and Admin here :shisha_goza: (Moderators please post your server direct link here , must be FUD , i will send you slaves for vouch )

    Join me on Skype : time.x3:smoke:

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  2. nicefellow1234

    nicefellow1234 HACKER Member

    Well,Bro..seems good offer...Keep it up Bro..and thanks for sharing...thx+ rep added........
  3. XTime

    XTime HACKER Member

    Thanks for appreciation ! :51:
  4. The Detect

    The Detect CARDER Member

    Seller sounds legit and sales thread checked. You have my Vouch. Good Luck with your sales.
  5. kennyl

    kennyl Member Member

    I need ur crypting service.....
  6. XTime

    XTime HACKER Member

    Add me on my SKYPE ID !

    Skype : time.x3
  7. XTime

    XTime HACKER Member

    Well , dealing with you was very friendlier ,
    You ordered 100 and i sent 800+ Installs of your bots/server

    Thank you for the deal

    is two server of this guy where i sent installs !

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