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[Source/C#] Zemra DDos Bot

Discussion in 'C & C++' started by Kal-El, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Kal-El

    Kal-El CARDER Member


    ZEMRA DDos Bot - Full Source
    Coder: Chrystal
    - Information -
    ? Simple Control Center ( Webpanel ~ based
    on AJAX )
    ? DDoS Functions ( HTTP / SYN / UDP
    Flood )
    ? Loader Function ( Download & Execute )
    ? Website PUSH Function ( Visit Page )
    ? USB Spread ( Infects removable storages )
    ? Socks5 Function ( not reverse )
    ? Automatic Update Function ( Update your
    core *NEW* )
    ? Persistent Mode ( HOT )
    ? Critical Process ( NEW )
    ? 128 Bit AES Traffic Encryption
    ? Anti-Debugger
    Control Center [ Webpanel ]
    Zemra is using a simple, but structured
    Webpanel with an overview of all statistics
    you need.
    With using the two graphs it's possible to see
    how many percent of your clients are using
    which operating system
    and from where they're coming.
    Also a statistic about the online rate,
    infection rate and more information is
    You have the opportunity seeing all online
    Socks5 and export them into a list.
    The Traffic is encrypted and secured with the
    AES Algorithm, each client is communicating
    with an unique generated key.
    Zemra Core
    For Stress-Testing services or applications
    you can use the HTTP / SYN / UDP Flood of
    this core.
    Downloading new stuff to your clients can be
    realised with the loader function in the Task
    Socks5 will be create instantly if certain
    criterias are met.
    Websites can be pushed with the visiting
    function which executes existing Javascript
    on the Page ( works with Google Analytics ).
    The USB-Spread is copying a sample of
    autorun.inf and itself on all removable
    storage disks ( using an event ).
    { Depends on .NET Framework 2.0 -
    developed in Visual Studio 2010 C# }

    Download Link:

    Download: Zemra.7z | xup.in
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    suncoderz Member Member

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